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Who is Troy Hayes?

Troy Hayes is a creative and prolific designer, art director, director and visual content producer. He is recognized as an advertising communicator and strategist responsible for numerous successful campaigns. In his twenties he transformed beer advertising with his infamous Spuds MacKenzie campaign for Bud Light. He turned around the listless Wheaties brand with his iconic Better Eat Your Wheaties campaign starring basketball legend Michael Jordan.

His career thrived during the tumultuous era of mergers and public offerings of Needham Harper & Steers/Doyle Dane & Bernbach/Omnicom. After three straight years of producing Super Bowl commercials he decided to open his own production company to direct commercials and music videos.

In his mid-thirties, Hayes was recruited to rejoin the agency business and was offered the chief creative officer role and a partnership in the largest independent ad agency in Florida. His campaign for Sunglass Hut increased store sales by 17%. He also helped Sunglass Hut successfully launch Watch Station before both were acquired by Luxxotica.

His music-based campaign featuring fun songs by The Beach Boys, Cyndi Lauper and Sly and The Family Stone, solidified Carnival Cruise Lines’ positioning as “The Fun Ships”, while saving America from any more Kathy Lee Gifford commercials.

Hayes is a dynamic creative leader who also understands the bottom line. Under his leadership, agencies prosper financially and creatively. He achieved double digit profits by expressing a vision of the future that employees wanted to be a part of. His plan to fully integrate creative and digital departments incentivized employees to work together to achieve common goals that were beneficial to the company and to themselves. Increased productivity and profits were a direct result of the teamwork used to achieve the vision.

His teams continuously generated great work and had a good time doing it. He deflected problems and allowed his talented team to do their jobs without fear and without interference.

Cooper & Hayes was named the fastest growing agency in the Southeast by Adweek and eventually sold to DDB for $25million.

After the buyout, Hayes left to start Engine 29, a convergent content idea studio that is an advertising and marketing think tank. They not only help their clients market their brands but also help them create the brand itself.

Hayes has led a desperate attempt to save the advertising world from its never- ending march to self-destruction. By changing the paradigm and convincing clients and ad agencies that the way they currently do business and create content is a recipe for extinction.

Hayes has received numerous accolades for his zealous contribution to advertising industry.

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