Nuture versus Nature After being priced out of from the American market by cheaper Chilean fish for six years, the Norwegian Seafood Export Council decided to return to the U. S. in 2009. The objective was to take advantage of recent market changes and reestablish their dominance of the U.S. market by overcoming the consumer’s [...]

That Lighting Store Without A Name


No name. No problem. A new concept in lighting retailing based in Chattanooga, TN was originally named Lighting Direct 2U by the owners. Realizing their mistake, the owners decided to call in professionals. We were retained to help rename the store and develop a marketing and advertising program. We generated over 300 names. While waiting [...]

Pure Romance


Mixing business with pleasure Pure Romance is a leading in-home party plan business. They have over 6000 consultants across the country. We created spots for their first ever TV campaign. Our goal was increase party leads and consultant recruitment. During the first month of the campaign, party leads rose 800% and consultant leads rose 250%!

UC Urban Campus


A new degree of success The University of Cincinnati is viewed as an old fashioned, white bread college stuck in a bad neighborhood. Potential students and parents aren’t aware of the totally redesigned urban campus featuring buildings by name architects. The dorms have been transformed into lifestyle centers and the student body is more diverse [...]

Sunglass Hut


Gotta have a look We helped Sunglass Hut launch their Watch Station stores as well as house sunglass brands such as Code, Torque and Oggi. In fact, they were so successful the company was bought by Luxottica and we lost the account!



The business of fun The Carnival Cruise Line campaign featuring the music of the Beach Boys, Cyndi Lauper and Sly and the Family Stone ran from November 2002 to November 2004. During that time, Carnival’s stock price went from $26 per share to $53 per share, while the DJIA only rose 25%.

Bud Light


Top 50 Super Bowl spot of all time In 1988, Bud Light was the third most popular light beer, behind Miller Lite and Coors Light. The “Spuds MacKenzie” campaign for Bud Light helped make it not only the number 1 light beer, but the number 1 beer in the world, out selling even Budweiser. And [...]

Rib Crib


How the west was won A chain of 40 rib restaurants based in Tulsa OK. They had been in business for 10 years without a clear positioning or consistent marketing plan. We were called in to help them open a new store in Stillwater. We created a Grand Opening campaign using color newspaper and radio [...]