That Lighting Store Without A Name

That Lighting Store Without A Name 2017-05-17T10:11:10-05:00

Project Description

No name. No problem.

A new concept in lighting retailing based in Chattanooga, TN was originally named Lighting Direct 2U by the owners. Realizing their mistake, the owners decided to call in professionals. We were retained to help rename the store and develop a marketing and advertising program.

We generated over 300 names. While waiting for the trademark lawyers to research our favorites, the clients called saying they were going to open the store in five days! Great, except we didn’t have a name! So making lemonade out lemons, we developed humorous newspaper ads and radio to promote the Grand Opening and try to explain why we didn’t have a name.

The ads were so successful, the name stuck. Sales have exceeded all expectations and they are already opening more stores in Dalton, GA and Gainesville, GA