John’s Pass Seafood Festival

John’s Pass Seafood Festival 2017-05-17T10:05:52-05:00

Project Description

Like Woodstock on the beach

John’s Pass Seafood Festival asked Engine 29 to help them increase attendance for The 35 th Annual John’s Pass Seafood Festival. We created and produced and integrated campaign that delivered 20,000,000 impressions on a budget of just $55,000. We did so by leveraging the power of mass media combined with targeted messaging. We created a marketing “bread crumb trail” that reached our intended audience with laser like precision.

We built a viral expansion loop around We constantly fed the network with up-to- the minute, relevant content, we engaged our audience with increasing stickiness. We narrowcasted targeted messages via mobile and online initiatives that converted “likes” into fans and fans into advocates.

The result was we surpassed all goals for attendance and revenue. Our goal was 200,000 visitors. We welcomed 286,000 seafood lovers in four days. Our revenue grew by 37% over 2015. Every hotel in Treasure Island was 100% sold out.